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Transactional shipping is considered our forte and underlies our Firm’s practice. We regularly advise on the acquisition of ships, their registrations, their mortgage registrations, and their charter parties. We advise on joint ventures formed to finance the acquisitions of ships, and assist on the incorporation of single ship owning special purpose vehicle companies.

We advise on Labuan incorporation of companies pursuant to the Labuan Companies Act 1990 and Labuan registration of ships under the Malaysian International Ship Register as well as the Malaysian incorporation of companies pursuant to the Companies Act 1965 and the Malaysian registration of ships under the domestic Malaysian ship register.

Our Firm rendered legal services to GE Capital Services Pte Ltd as a Malaysian counsel for 4 Labuan-registered vessels in a ship financing involving a fleet of 28 vessels owned by subsidiaries of Jaya Holdings Limited. Our legal services included drafting Malaysian law governed security documents like the account securities and the share securities, and reviewing foreign law governed documents to tailor all related agreements and corporate documents to be in compliance with Malaysian law.